Enda Service
Focused on producing flooring for 23 years
Senda Service

Thank you for your trust in the Senda brand. If you are seeking ground paving solutions in engineering, decoration, or home decoration, we will help you make better choices.

Smile service

Solving technical inquiries, integrating resources and utilizing them, providing own patented technologies and product portfolio.


Participate in the customer's design, simplify the cooperation process, and provide a total solution.


From design and process solutions to in-house installation and maintenance, we provide products and services that exceed expectations.


Starting from people, Morita explores the golden standard of relationship between people, bamboo and space, and provides craftsmanship, materials, installation and tracking service team to provide surprise ideas for customers.


Following the concept of 24-hour service, customer complaints within 30 minutes of rapid callback communication, within 2 hours of the supervisor callback confirmation, the more serious cases by the supervisor within 24 hours to deal with the scene, to protect the service sustainable value.