Structural characteristics
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Structural characteristics

LVT, WPC, SPC series flooring in the flooring industry competition is gradually play its advantages, and its excellent product characteristics, by consumers widely pursued.

Therefore, in the future development, plastic flooring will realize rapid growth, which also brings fierce competition to various enterprises.

wear resistance
Anti deformation
Pure and healthy
Anti slip
Fire retardant
Paint finish
The surface adopts specialized paint with antibacterial, anti slip and other characteristics. The paint also has characteristics such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, and strong adhesion, ensuring the super stability of the surface paint layer.
Wear layer
The thickness and quality of the wear-resistant layer directly determine the service life of the floor, and the detection of the wear-resistant layer is very rigorous. The effective service life can reach 5-20 years.
Color film
The selection of colors and textures is very diverse. In terms of design layout, there is a dedicated research team responsible for design. And constantly updating styles and developing new versions of rollers.